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Image by Bryan Garces


We are a leader in large format digital printing graphics. Established as a printing house in 2001, we have grown in scale and now have loyal trade clients across Greece and Europe. Our mission is to give you the best printed quality products at the lowest trade prices.

Using our online shop for most of our products we have made it easier and much more efficient to order your print effortlessly using our online web shop. We deliver digital printed graphics to all over Europe and all items can be sent directly to your client if you wish.

Zampouris first started business back in 1977 as manufacturer of Trailer Covers. Over the years new sectors of business were added to streamline the production process. Now with two printing house locations and over 7000 clients the latest digital printing and processing equipment we can produce high quality graphics at very low prices. Our objective is to be the lowest cost printer in Europe.

Our efficient processes are highly automated, enabling us to produce high quality flags banners and signage very cost effectively. Our efficient manufacturing has allowed us to sell our products at the lowest rates on the market. We have a fully automated production process, which cuts in half the time it takes to manufacture and deliver orders. We use automatic eyeleting and hemming machines which speeds up the manufacturing.

Most of our products are printed at Thessaloniki’s print house. The printers here run 24/7 and stop only to change rolls or schedule maintenance. With the ability to batch and send full complete rolls of material to printers we minimize waste with our sophisticated batching and nesting systems. 

Our approach to wastage and time enables us to manufacture the best possible products at the lowest trade rate. We pass this saving to our customers, so you can be assured you are getting the best possible value for money.

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